Comprehensive Eye Exam

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What to bring to your eye examination
To your appointment at Cameron Optometry, please bring with you your:

  • current glasses
  • sunglasses
  • contact lenses (the packaging)

For contact lens wearers, please also bring the name of the contact lens cleaning solution that you use. 

Please also bring a list of prescribed medications you are currently taking (including any cream / eye drops) to your consultation.



Upon your arrival at our practice we will require some information about you, your lifestyle, and your vision needs.  Your previous eye health history, general health, and any family history of eye conditions are also important to us.



Man occluding his left eye.jpgEye Examination
Our optometrists at Cameron Optometry will be assessing your current eye wear and also measuring your vision and ability to focus.  This is followed by measurements to determine whether any vision correction is required in order to provide a prescription of the most comfortable vision to meet your visual needs. 

Assessments of your eye health for any ocular diseases will also be made.  Early detection of any eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy will be made.  Many eye conditions do not present any symptoms until at an advanced stage.



Latest Eye Examination Technology
Cameron Optometry practices are equipped with the most advanced eye examination technologies in order to provide the highest level of eye care to our patients.


Retinal ImagingRetinal image.jpg

Our digital retinal cameras can capture a high resolution two-dimensional picture of your retina – the inner back surface of your eye.  This allows our optometrist to detect any subtle signs of eye conditions that occur at the retina and aids in the diagnosis.

Your retinal image is then kept and documented on file whereby in future visits, any slight change can be readily detected, diagnosed, and monitored.


OCT.jpgOptovue Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Our optometrists use the OCT to capture cross-sectional images of the retina, which allows a detailed three-dimensional representation at the retina level.

This allows the early detection and the management of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and also any disturbances at the retina.

Cameron Optometry practices are the only optometry practices along the New South Wales South Coast with this latest technology available in order to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of your eye health.


Corneal TopographyCorneal topography.jpg

Corneal topography is also available at Cameron Optometry to map the shape of the cornea, which is the front surface of the eye.
This allows our optometrists to actually profile the shape of the cornea to provide the best fitting contact lenses for our patients.
It also assists in the diagnosis and monitoring of any eye conditions that may affect the cornea, such as keratoconus and corneal dystrophies.


Medmont.jpgMedmont Automated Perimeter

Our optometrists may also indicate the testing of the extent of your visual field with the Medmont Automated Perimeter.  Measuring the extent of the peripheral field of vision is an important part of glaucoma diagnosis and management.

Other conditions that may affect the field of vision, such as stroke, can also be detected with this technology.



Discussion and Recommendations by our experienced staffNowra Staff.jpg
At the end of your consultation, our optometrist will discuss with you their findings of the exam and suggest the best solution to meet your individual visual and eye health needs.  This may include vision correction by glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye correction.
Where appropriate, our optometrists can provide a referral to highly recommended ophthalmologists for further eye health examination or laser eye surgery referral.

Our experienced team of staff along with our fully qualified optical dispensers can help you with choosing frames from our extensive range that suit your personality and style.  We will also help you with selecting the best spectacle lenses that will provide clear and comfortable vision for your every day activities.



To book an appointment at one of our Cameron Optometry practices, please ring:

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Batemans Bay          (02) 4472 7088

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